Question: What is trademe New Zealand?

Trade Me is New Zealands largest online auction and classifieds website. Managed by Trade Me Ltd., the site was founded in 1999 by New Zealand entrepreneur Sam Morgan, who sold it to Fairfax in 2006 for NZ$700 million. Trade Me was publicly listed as a separate entity on 13 December 2011 under the ticker TME.

Is Trade Me only in NZ?

You must be located in New Zealand or Australia to list Items on Trade Me, unless we specifically approve you to use Trade Me from another country. You can list a job on Trade Me if you are based in Australia, but youll need to purchase a pack or plan, rather than a casual listing for a single job.

Is there eBay in New Zealand?

Welcome to my eBay Store. We have a large selection of stamps and postal history from New Zealand and the rest of the world. Please add me to your list of favorite sellers and visit often.

How much does it cost to build a house NZ?

In this article we cover: Median cost of a home in 2021. Cost of building a new house in 2020. Cost of building a new house in 2021 .Median cost of a house in 2021.RegionMedian PriceYoY IncreaseAuckland$1,125,00022%Wellington$870,00019.2%Bay of Plenty$800,00027%Hawkes Bay$770,50017.6%12 more rows•4 Jun 2021

Can u get scammed on Trade Me?

If you receive a suspicious email that looks like its from Trade Me, our Trust and Safety team want to know about it. Please forward the email to our team directly at If you have clicked on any of the links in a suspicious email, please report it to us.

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