Question: Is commitment necessary in a relationship?

For a relationship to last, its important for there to be commitment. This should be an agreement of mutual understanding, honesty, respect and cooperation that is always growing. From this point of view, commitment helps couples stay happy, even when there are problems.

What does commitment do in a relationship?

Committed partners make sacrifices for each other and dont expect favors to be returned, at least not immediately. They have a more long-range view of things and make decisions based on whats best for the relationship, not whats best for themselves as individuals.

How do you ask for commitment in a relationship?

Weve come up with a plan for making the commitment conversation a lot easier on both of you — and its actually effective.Talk Tip 1: Get a Goal.Talk Tip 2: Pick the Right Setting.Talk Tip 3: Choose Your Words Wisely.Talk Tip 4: Seal the Deal.May 9, 2007

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