Question: How do you casually ask for a guys number?

Instead of asking him directly for his number, request his digits in a joking way. Ask him if you can check of his phone. After a few minutes, hand it back to him. Tell him “your phone is pretty cool but it is missing one thing: my phone number.” If he is interested in exchanging numbers, he will ask for yours.

How do you ask a guy for his number?

You can definitely ask for his number! Try saying something like, I wanted to send you a video. Let me have your number so I can text it to you. Would it be a good idea to like ask: do you have a phone?

How do you ask someone for their number casually?

You can do this by starting a conversation with them and learning some things about them first so that later you can get their number.Make the introduction. Use their name. Ask engaging questions that keep them talking. Tell them that youd like to see them again. Just ask.

How do you ask a mobile number professionally?

I would just ask simply and directly: Id love to talk to you personally. Would you send me your phone number, please?

How do I ask for contact information professionally?

Ask politely, be specific about what youre asking for (contact name or an actual intro or to be mentored etc). Attach your resume/cover letter and ask if the person could forward it. Ask Your Friends! Can you provide support as to my expertise If asked by a possible Hiring Manager or Recruiter?

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