Question: Why is CS:GO so hard?

What is the best gun in CS GO?

The 8 best weapons in CS:GOAWP Exoskeleton – Screengrab via Valve.AK-47 Neon Rider – Screengrab via Valve.M4A4 Cyber Security – Screengrab via Valve.Desert Eagle Code Red – Screengrab via Valve.M4A1-S Printstream – Screengrab via Valve.AUG – Screengrab via Valve.SG 553 Danger Close – Screengrab via Valve.More items •21 Jun 2021

Is it worth playing CS:GO 2021?

TL DR: Yes! Definitely. Valve is updating the game regularly and it has the highest daily user number after the new operation release. CS:GO is probably the most undermined game of its generation.

Is Valorant easy for beginners?

Most of the duelist VALORANT agents are pretty friendly to beginners, and youll be seeing another in this guide real soon. Reyna arguably has the most basic ability kit of any agent. On top of that, its perfectly designed for a beginner player that gets themselves into tough situations.

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