Question: What to do in Dublin if you are a tourist?

Is there anything to do in Dublin?

Visit the National Museum of Ireland. Explore Dublins various neighborhoods. Find the Temple Bar Food Market. Let the kids make some art at the National Gallery of Ireland.

What is the #1 attraction in Dublin Ireland?

Guinness Storehouse Dublins most popular tourist attraction is an interactive, seven-storey structure that showcases the history and process behind Irelands most famous export.

Is Dublin tourist friendly?

Dublin is a more friendly place than Cork, according to a travel website. The capital has been ranked as the sixth most friendly city in the world. Cork is the only other Irish destination to make it into the top 50 but comes in at number 17 on the list.

What is open in Dublin for tourists?

Visit Dublin Attractions & Museums - Open NowSix Great Attractions. Great Value Attraction Ticket! Little Museum of Dublin. This is one visit you wont regret! Newbridge Farm. Saint Patricks Cathedral. Airfield Estate. Museum of Literature Ireland. Fairy Trail & Butterfly Garden. Teeling Whiskey Distillery.More items

How many days do you need in Dublin?

Two days in Dublin is the perfect amount to get a taste of the city if youre spending roughly 10 days to 2 weeks in Ireland. With only a week or so on the island, wed recommend spending only one day in Dublin. With three weeks or more, you could consider dedicating more time to the city.

Is Dublin Castle worth visiting?

The tour at the Dublin Castle was well worth the 4.50 Euros. Our tour guide was excellent (very opinionated and did not give a stall rendition of history). While not much of the “castle” is left at the Castle, there are definitely some good sights to see and you get a sense that this is a hidden gem.

What is Dublin famous for?

Dublin is one of 6 UNESCO cities of literature With four Nobel prize winners (Yeats, Beckett, Shaw and Heaney), universities of global distinction in Trinity and UCD, numerous books festivals and a world-class new city library, its without a doubt that the capital has literature in its blood.

What can you do at night in Ireland?

Here are 10 of them.1 - Irish Music and Céilí in OSheas. 2 - A Stroll Along the River Liffey and an Ice Cream. 3 - Go to the Cinema. 4 - A pizza night in the hostel. 5 - Go See a GAA Game. 6 - Greyhound Racing. 7 - Enjoy the Busking. 8 - Catch a Play in the Theatre.More items •Jan 19, 2016

What can you do on a rainy day in Dublin?

25 Things To Do In Dublin On A Rainy DayBuy a Dublin Pass. Visit one of the most famous breweries on the planet. Do a guided tour around a whiskey distillery. Park up in a Dublin pub. Shelter behind the walls of Dublin Castle. Take refuge in Christ Church Cathedral. Take cover in Kilmainham Jail.More items

What is there 2 of in Dublin?

Dublin 2 encompasses most of the city centre south of the River Liffey and takes in areas around Merrion Square, Trinity College, Temple Bar, Grafton Street, St Stephens Green, Dame Street, and Leeson Street.

How much is a taxi from Dublin Airport to the city?

How much is a taxi from Dublin Airport to Dublin city centre? The estimated cost is between €25-€30.

What is Dublin known for?

Whats Dublin Famous For?The National Museum of Ireland.Grafton Street.Trinity College Dublin.The Guinness Storehouse.Shop at Powerscourt Center.Kilmainham Gaol.Croke Park stadium.Delahunt restaurant.More items

How much does it cost to go to Dublin Castle?

You wont have to pay to explore the grounds, but if youd like to take a peek inside, self-guided tours cost 7 euros (about $8) for adults and 3 euros (about $4) for kids ages 12 to 17. You can pick up a brochure at the ticket desk to help you navigate the state apartments and exhibitions.

Can you go inside Dublin Castle?

For the most part, Dublin Castle is accessible. There is an elevator in the State Apartments. Unfortunately, the Medieval Undercroft is only accessible by stairs.

What is Dublin famous for food?

Traditional Irish food like stew, boxty pancakes, coddle and colcannon are best savoured in the pubs of Dublin, along with a pint of GuinnessIrish Stew. Boxty Pancakes. Coddle. Colcannon. Black and white pudding. Soda bread. Barmbrack. Guinness.More items •Apr 17, 2019

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