Question: What are the bad parts of Albuquerque?

The worst neighborhoods in Albuquerque include places such as Encanto Village, Quail Ridge, Alta Monte, Quigley Park, Wildflower, Trumbull Village, La Mesa, Kachina Hills, Yale Village, and Central Hill. Be sure to steer clear of these areas when visiting or moving to Albuquerque.

What are the dangerous parts of Albuquerque?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Albuquerque, NMQuigley Park. Population 1,186. 332 % La Mesa. Population 7,610. 231 % Montgomery Heights. Population 621. 209 % Jackson Area. Population 1,352. Kirtland Community. Population 1,340. Crestview Bluff. Population 1,685. Elder Homestead. Population 1,990. Enchanted Park. Population 1,799.More items

Is downtown Albuquerque dangerous?

Albuquerque is safe. I live in Old Town, right next to downtown. The only crime I have experienced is getting my bikes stolen out of my backyard. There is crime but its more likely to be non violent crime. Stolen Cars, and petty thieves.

Is Albuquerque Midtown safe?

not only is it in the middle of the city, its also has some great views of all the mountains that are near by, along with the downtown area. Its not the absolute best area, however its fairly safe and about 10 minutes from everything.

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