Question: Whats the best way to talk to a shy guy?

How do you talk to a guy who is shy?

How to Talk to a Guy if You Are Extremely Shy1 Prepare a few conversation starters ahead of time.2 Act confident, even if you arent.3 Make eye contact and smile at him.4 Take a deep breath to calm down.5 Introduce yourself to start a conversation.6 Open the conversation with an observation.More items

What to say to a shy guy you like?

Engage him in conversation. Ask him questions about things he likes, or what he thought about a new movie that came out. Try to ask questions that will require more than a “yes” or “no” answer. For example, dont say, “Did you like the game on Friday?” instead say, “Tell me what you thought about the game on Friday.”

How do I talk to my shy crush?

Shy guy? 6 tips to get your crush chattingAsk open-ended questions. Depending on how shy this guys really is, he could answer a friendly question like, “Did you have a good time at Michelles party?” with an uninviting Yes or No. Get physical. This may seem like an old-school trick, but trust me it works. Drop a hint.

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