Question: Is Neil Straus married?

Who is Neil Strauss wife?

Ingrid De La Om. 2013 Neil Strauss/Wife On August 31, 2013, Strauss married the model Ingrid De La O, whom he met in 2010. Before the wedding, he held a funeral-themed bachelors party, laying to rest his Style persona.

Does Neil Strauss have children?

Strauss is now in his mid-40s, and married with a two-year-old child. He has been described as a reformed pick-up artists, although he rejects this label. “Ive never described myself that way, but Ive definitely read it a lot.

Who is Pua Magasiva twin?

It is the late Pua Magasivas birthday, which he shares with twin Tanumapua Magasiva.

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