Question: What to do after separating from husband?

Talk to friends and loved ones you trust. Take up writing in a private journal to express how youre feeling on any given day. Take care of your physical self by eating well and exercising. No matter how much you might feel like never leaving your bed, push yourself to face your emotions and to live.

Can you separate but still live together?

Can you live together and start divorce proceedings? Most separated couples think that you have to physically separate before you can start divorce proceedings but that isnt right. You can live together at the family home and start divorce proceedings provided that you live separate and apart.

Can I claim Universal Credit if I still live with my ex partner?

If you stay in your home after your partner has left, depending on your income, you may be able to get Universal Credit to help pay the rent. If there is a mortgage, you may be able to get help with the mortgage interest. For more information about Universal Credit see What Universal Credit is.

How do you deal with separation while living in the same house?

Act in a way so that it is obvious to family, friends, employers, neighbours, coworkers and outsiders otherwise that the relationship is over. Live in separate bedrooms. Do not engage in shared social activities within the home such as watching television together or hosting friends together.

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